This Roadmap will be constantly updated and is not static

orange = done
grey = coming

Q4 2021

Hector DAO launch

App live

Staking and Bonding live

Marketing operation initiates

wFTM and USDC bonds

Fantom Foundation grant applications

4,4 Bonds deployed (hyperstaking)

Launch of DAO (governance) and first votes

Listing on Centralised Exchanges

First partnerships


Dual-incentivized liquidity pools

Additional Bond offering(s)

Hector BANK: Lending and borrowing protocol

The Hector Stablecoin

Hector Farm

Investment Dashboard

Hector Bridge

Hector Swap

Further partnerships

General cross-chain expansion

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Rebranding of Hector

Hector NFT

Hector Marketplace

Tier-1 exchange listings

Further partnerships

Hector University

Hector Pay

Hector Launch: launchpad to incubate innovative start-ups

Hector Pro (protocol owned liquidity-as-a-service)

Further partnerships

In-person Hector events

Q3 2022

Q4 2022

Hector Game

Further partnerships