HEC is Hector Finance’s official crypto token. It operates on Fantom’s Opera Chain, and the project aims to become a multi-chain system over the following years. When it comes to scalability, Fantom’s ecosystem has proven to be an excellent recipient for HEC, and our team aims to make it easier and faster to trade with in the future. Those who want to test these tokens by themselves can purchase them today through a wide range of methods. Users who are already on the Fantom Network can easily purchase HEC tokens with the guide shown on this page. However, if you’re not on the network yet, there are still other methods you can consider using. The following page covers all the steps you can take to purchase HECs today safely and fast!

Buying HEC Through the Fantom Network

If you already have a Fantom wallet, keep in mind you’ll need some FTM to cover fees. In case you own the wallet but don’t have FTM yet, you can get some for free on Hector Finance’s Discord server.

The fastest way to get this token is through a DEX (Decentralized Exchange). Here, there are many options to consider, so choose the one that feels more appropriate for you.

Hector DEX

This is the most recommended option if you’re looking to make the most out of these coins. You can swap directly for these coins across different blockchain networks, including:

  • Avalanche
  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain

Here, all you have to do is get into the platform and get into the “DEX” dashboard. Then, you can easily choose the token you wish to swap and the one you wish to get. You can also change the chain the tokens are on.

Once you’ve chosen the desired number of tokens you want to trade, you must wait for Hector DEX to find appropriate exchange rates and handle the Bridging and Swapping. Finally, click on “Swap,” and you’re done!

If you want to make a cross-network exchange, you must enable both networks in your wallet to avoid any problems.


The process for this DEX is a bit more complicated since it involves an extra step, but it’s no big problem. Here, you must swap your tokens for DAI, which could involve BNB, FTM, wETH, or others; it depends on the chain you’re working with.

Once you have your DAI tokens, you can swap them for HEC in the platform.

Yoshi Exchange

 On this website, you can swap any coins for HEC, although we recommend using DAI tokens since they offer the best rates.

What If You’re Not on the Fantom Network?

The process for purchasing HEC here is considerably longer, so we’ll always recommend setting up a wallet on the Fantom network and then following the guide above. Still, you may use Hector DEX for easier and faster transactions.

To set up your Fantom wallet, all you have to do is download Metamask, configure your wallet, and enable the Fantom network from there.

Binance Users

Binance users can withdraw FTM to their wallets as they would with any other token. Then, they must follow the process for trading in the SpookySwap platform, which was explained above.

Avalanche Users

Here, you must follow this process if you want to get HEC:

  • Enable your Metamask wallet to interact with Avalanche’s network so that you can bridge the tokens without any problems.
  • Send AVAX tokens to Metamask under the Avalanche network.
  • Use a DEX to swap AVAX for MIM. You may leave a bit of AVAX in your wallet to cover bridging fees.
  • Use Hector DEX to swap MIM to DAI, and DAI to HEC.

Ethereum Users

The process for Ethereum users goes as shown below:

  • Send ETH tokens to your Metamask wallet
  • Swap your ETH tokens for wETH tokens since this version allows for cross-chain transactions.
  • Use Hector DEX to swap wETH to the Fantom network, and then swap your wETH tokens to DAI and DAI to HEC.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are several processes you can consider to start purchasing HEC today and help the Hector Finance project. Overall, the easiest method is to get a Fantom wallet and then use Hector DEX to complete the transaction in under a few minutes.

We hope this guide has helped you, and we’re excited for you to see everything the Hector ecosystem has to offer.

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