Where (3,3) and (4,4) became

A Deflationary Utility Token

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Treasury Balance


What is Hector Finance?

Hector Finance is developing a financial center on the Fantom Opera Chain and beyond, consisting of a variety of use cases supported by the $HEC token. Users can stake the $HEC token for (rebase) rewards. The protocol aims to provide an attractive APY while creating scarcity through buybacks and burns. The $TOR stablecoin can only be minted by burning $HEC and offers highly competitive farming rewards.

How Does Hector Work?

LP Fees & Bonds

Liquidity Pool fees and Bond sales have helped Hector Finance build a treasury of more than $100,000,000.

Hector's Treasury

The treasury provides relative backing for the $HEC token and ultimately guarantees $TOR’s price of $1. A part of the treasury is invested, and used to build financial products and services to bring more revenue to the project.

HEC Token

The world’s first deflationary rebase token. Earn rewards for staking a token with a decreasing supply.